agatka & jamie teaser

aga is my old high-school friend from Poland whom I haven't seen for ages and I was extremely excited when she contacted me few months ago asking if I can shoot her wedding! hell yeah. my friend Anna@ http://www.fotogenico.co.uk/ and me drove all the way down south England Cheltenham with few scary and crazy bits on the way but made it all safe and sound.

the day was amazing and I can only hope the pics will show:)

more coming soon. watch that space and enjoy!


mumma deserves some fun once a while so I took a cheeky hot break with my girl friends and cracked on a beach for a few days. Spending time doing nothing in an all inclusive manner or playing bingo with mature holiday makers.. hmm.

craig and michelle - wedding documentary

last month I had an honour shooting a gorgeous couple in Edinburgh. amazing day full of love and love and love.
ps. general thought that was all over my head that day. you have to be an emotional tough cake to shoot weddings